Terms and Conditions

1. Terms agreement
Thank you for choosing Cyber Games Arena (“CGA”). This service is bound by the rules listed in this document. We reserve the right to amend the important notes, terms and conditions or any other contents here at any time. Those changes shall become effective immediately. Additional terms and rules distributed for a certain Cyber Games Arena service will also be part of this agreement. Cyber Games Arena as well as the user are both bound by the agreement.

2. Service
Cyber Games Arena provides users with a competition platform, shopping (online and offline) and e-sports entertainment services (hereinafter referred to as "service"). This service is provided by Cyber Games Arena LimitedGroup (“CGA Group” or the “Group”) including CYBER GAMES ARENA LIMITED, CGA E-COMMERCE LIMITED and CGA STADIUM LIMITED. User understands and agrees that there may be advertisement as well as notification including service notice and policy update. Those notifications are part of Cyber Games Arena’s service and could not be excluded.

Until further notice, adding new features (including new products) or reinforcing current services will still be bound by this agreement. You understand and agree that this service is provided in real-time. Cyber Games Arena is not responsible for any data lost, error or deletion during user customization or network communicating. Cyber Games Arena reserves the right to temporarily pause all services or a certain part of the service for maintenance, update or any other appropriate purpose. You are required to acquire this service yourself and pay for any other related third party expenses including Internet service and advertisement. You are also responsible to provide tools or gears which are essential for acquiring this service.

3. CGA Member ID, password and security
(a) When you register as a CGA Member, your CGA member ID and password will become your unified user login credentials for all applications and services provided by us or our group companies (“CGA Group”) unless otherwise specified. You agree that we are entitled to apply your CGA member ID and password as your user login credentials for all your future logins and use of CGA Group applications and services without prior notice.
(b) You agree to keep your CGA member ID and password secure and confidential and not to allow anyone else to use your CGA member ID or password to access our Service or any CGA Group applications or services or to do anything which would assist or allow anyone who is not a CGA member to gain access to our Service or any CGA Group applications or online services; nor to create CGA member ID for others without their permission; nor to create additional CGA member IDs for the purpose of abusing the functionality of our Service or other users’ accounts, nor to seek to pass yourself off as another user; nor to do anything that jeopardize the security of your CGA member ID.
(c) If you have reason to believe that someone has unauthorized use of your password or CGA member ID or has committed any other breach of security, please report to us immediately for our immediate suspension of your membership or to take other appropriate actions. You agree that you will be responsible to us and to others for all activities that occur under your CGA member ID. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the terms herein stated or from any third party’s act without your authorization.
(d) You are not allowed to sell, transfer, license or assign your CGA member ID or any of your rights as a user or under your membership to any party.

4. User Responsibility
In order to use this service, you agree the following terms:
(a)You must be at least 13 years old, (b)Provide the correct and complete personal info according to the instructions given on the registration form, (c) Update the “Personal Info” and confirm it is updated, accurate and complete. If you are very likely or actually provide any outdated, fake or incomplete info, Cyber Games Arena has the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate your account. Cyber Games Arena also reserves the right to reject those users from accessing this service again. Cyber Games Arena is highly concerned about all users’ (especially children’s) privacy and safety.

5. Privacy
All “Registration Info” and other related materials saved by Cyber Games Arena are bound by personal information policy and our “Privacy Policy”.

6. User Account, Password and Security
Upon finishing registration for this service, you will receive your account info including password. You are responsible for keeping your account and password private. You are also responsible for all actions carried out with your own account and password. You agree to the following terms: (a) You will immediately inform Cyber Games Arena if you find out any unauthorized access with your account or any other security issues. (b) You will log out every time you finish using this service. If you are failed to do so, Cyber Games Arena will not be responsible for any of your loss.

7. User Behavior
Content uploader is responsible for all his/her contents no matter they are publicly distributed or privately sent. Those contents include information, texts, software, music, sound files, pictures, graphs, video or any other messages. Cyber Games Arena is not responsible to any of these contents no matter they are uploaded by this service, posted or sent through E-mail. Cyber Games Arena is unable to control these contents and hence cannot guarantee those contents’ quality, correctness or completeness. You understand that there may be inappropriate or offensive content uploaded by other users when using this service. Under any circumstances, Cyber Games Arena is not responsible for any of those contents including but not limited to their incompleteness nor incorrectness. Cyber Games Arena is also not responsible to any loss or damage caused during content upload. When using this service, cheating with any third party software is strictly prohibited. Cyber Games Arena reserves the right to ban the user, confiscate the prize given and claim for any loss.

You agree to not use this service for any purpose listed below:
(a) Uploading, posting or sending any offensive or inappropriate content including but not limited to illegal, threatening, spamming, harassing, lewd, immoral or racist messages.
(b) Harming underage people by any means.
(c) Imitating as any person or organization including but not limited to Cyber Games Arena admin; as well as faking relationship with any person or organization.
(d) Faking identity information in order to mask the source of transmission.
(e) Uploading or sending any unauthorized materials including but not limited to leaking classified information or violating confidential agreement.
(f) Uploading or sending materials that violate other’s copyright.
(g) Spamming, as well as uploading or sending advertising materials.
(h) Uploading, posting or spreading computer virus (e.g. Trojan Horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots) through any other methods.
(i) Deliberately interfering the chat to disturb other users.
(j) Attacking or interfering this service or its server or network, as well as violating this service’s terms and conditions.
(k) Intentionally or unintentionally violating local, national or international laws.
(l) Harassing other users by following or any other ways.
(m) Collecting and saving other user’s personal information unless the action is approved by relevant terms and is properly carried out.

You understand that Cyber Games Arena will not review the content uploaded by user. However, Cyber Games Arena reserves the right (but not responsible) to remove or reject any uploaded content. You are responsible for all consequences resulted from using contents uploaded by other users. Therefore, you agree that you will not expect Cyber Games Arena to create or accept any of these contents including but not limited to other parts of this service.

Cyber Games Arena serves with real-time chatting mechanism. Cyber Games Arena will not be legally responsible for any comments. All comments only represent the sender’s opinion which is not related to Cyber Games Arena. Cyber Games Arena will not be able to monitor those comments due to how our real-time mechanism works.

You understand and agree that Cyber Games Arena has the right to store or reveal the contents uploaded by user due to regulations or legal reasons: (a) following legal procedure, (b) fulfilling the service agreement, (c) in response to copyright issues, (d) protect Cyber Games Arena and it’s user’s right, property or security.

You understand that this service’s data transmission (including your content) may (a) pass through different networks, (b) change in standard due to technical purpose.

8. Warning on International Use
You understand the multi-nation nature of Internet. You agree to obey the laws that are relevant to your online action and content. You also agree to obey the laws that are relevant to your data transmission in your local region.

9. Posting public information on Cyber Games Arena
(a) This agreement is applicable to all areas that the public can reach (e.g. online forums).
(b) If you post your content with this service in other public areas, you will irreversibly and permanently give Cyber Games Arena the following rights: Globally copy, modify, translate and distribute your content as well as featuring it as part of unreleased or released materials.

10. Compensation
If there are any legal actions being taken against your uploaded content due to the fact that it violates this agreement or any person’s right, you agree to compensate for Cyber Games Arena and its partners or employees.

11. Service resale
You agree not to copy, sell or remake any part of this service for any business purpose.

12. Regarding usage and storage
You agree to the standard rules set by Cyber Games Arena which include but not limited the following: limitation in storage time for private messages, posting and other uploaded contents, maximum number for sending private messages in a single account and the number of times that the same user access this service within a certain period (as well as the time limit for each access). You agree that Cyber Games Arena is not responsible for any data loss or possible content deletion. You agree that Cyber Games Arena has the right to stop or terminate accounts that are not being accessed for a long time. You are also agree that Cyber Games Arena has the right to modify these terms with or without notifying you.

13. Changes in service
Cyber Games Arena reserves the right to pause or modify or permanently terminate any part of this service with or without notifications. You agree Cyber Games Arena is not responsible towards you or any third party for this.

14. Termination
You agree that Cyber Games Arena has the right to terminate your account and delete any contents uploaded due to any reason including but not limited to lack of use or violation of agreement. This termination policy applies with or without notification. Cyber Games Arena also has the right to forbid banned user from accessing this service and uploading any files. If your files get deleted due to being banned, Cyber Games Arena will not be responsible to you or any third party.

15. Business with advertisers
Any communications, agreement, activities, transaction and terms between you and the advertisers are not related to Cyber Games Arena. Cyber Games Arena will not be responsible for any loss happens on your advertisers or your activities.

16. Link
This service or a third party is allowed to provide links to international websites or resources. Due to Cyber Games Arena has no controls on those links, you understand and agree that Cyber Games Arena is not responsible for those links. Cyber Games Arena also shows no agreement on any contents available in the link and is not responsible for any loss caused by user accessing those links.

17. Disclaimer
You understand and agree that:
(a) Cyber Games Arena cautiously serves you according to this agreement. However, Cyber Games Arena is not responsible for any personal injuries or deaths caused by negligence or deceit.
(b) You are responsible for any action you take when using this service. Cyber Games Arena provides this service according to the current situation and therefore not be able to ensure unexpected actions (e.g. violating third party’s right) won’t be happening.
(c) Cyber Games Arena will not guarantee: (i) this service match your requirement, (ii) this service won’t be interrupted and is always available, (iii) this service provides absolutely correct and reliable results, (iv) any products, information or other services provided by this service match your requirement.
(d) You are responsible for any data you download or access by using this service. If there are any loss for your computer system due to this, you are fully responsible.
(e) Any suggestions or information provided by Cyber Games Arena or this service will not be part of this agreement.
(f) Cyber Games Arena is not responsible for any data loss caused by operation errors or system errors.

18. Responsibility
You understand and agree that any losses caused by below reasons resulting in but not limited to profit, renown and data loss are not responsible by Cyber Games Arena. Cyber Games Arena will not be responsible for any sort of compensations (even if it was claimed beforehand): (i) the use of this service or being unable to use this service, (ii) any expenses caused by acquiring products, information, services, messages or transactions through this service, (iii) any unauthorized access of your data, (iv)any disclaimer or action carried out by a third party using this service, (v) other details in this service(unless clearly stated in this agreement)

19. Exclusion and Limitation
Certain regions do not allow exclusion in compensation and responsibility. Therefore, certain parts in term 18 and 19 may not be applicable on you.

20. Notification
Notifications are sent to users through broadcast messages or private messages. If there are changes in this service’s policy or any other details, notification or link to notification will be shown to user.

21. Copyright
Copyright is an important topic for Cyber Games Arena. We hope our user will respect other’s copyright as we do. If you would like to submit a notification of alleged copyright infringement, please provide the following information to Cyber Games Arena:

Copyright holder’s digital or physical signature
Description of the alleged copyright infringement
Link and source of the alleged copyright infringemen
Your physical address, phone number and E-mail address
Your disclaimer if you suspect the related materials violate copyright
Your disclaimer on the correctness of your provided information and that you are authorized to declare for the copyright materials given that you understand that there will be penalty for perjury.

22. General Terms
The Agreement comprises the entire agreement between you and Cyber Games Arena supersedes all prior agreements regarding the subject matter contained herein. You should also agree on the additional terms and rules in third party contents or software. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong SAR and shall be governed by the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong SAR courts. Cyber Games Arena's failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If this agreement is not identified as valid in courts, user shall agree this agreement still reflects his/her intent and still bound by other parts of this agreement. You agree that no matter there are other laws or regulations, any legal action should be pursued within a year or else never be pursued.

All titles in this agreement are used solely by convenience and have no legal or contractual significance.

If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

23. Breach of contract
Please contact our customer service if you find out any sorts of contract breaching.